Link: Parker J. Palmer

Parker J. Palmer

Brain Pickings is one of my favorite sources of online education—a liberal arts education. Maria Popova, the heart and mind behind it, is one of the most remarkable teachers on the planet.

Not only is she a voracious reader and a brilliant writer, grounded in values I deeply admire, she’s constantly planting seeds of hope—even when she has to plant in the dark.

So I was honored to discover that Maria recently gave my book, HEALING THE HEART OF DEMOCRACY, a full-scale write-up at Brain Pickings. Two quotes from her post have special meaning for me:

“Beautiful, ennobling read on healing the heart of democracy—tenfold more timely today than when written years ago.”

“HEALING THE HEART OF DEMOCRACY remains an indispensable read, immensely emboldening at this particular moment in time.”

If you’d like to read more of Maria’s reflections on the book, please click on the image below…