Link: Joan Baez

Joan Baez

Dear Michael Moore:

Thank you for all you’ve added to this merry season by way of outspoken common sense, insight, humor, fearless opinions and wild predictions, most of them correct.

There is a possibility that you are right about things taking another radical turn, and Trump, overwhelmed at the prospect of having to act responsibly, and cheated out of recreational pastimes like flirting, groping, dinners at the 21 Club, and golfing his way around the world, will slip out the side door and vanish into a more benign reality show.

Thank you for reminding us that we have strength, and that numbers are on our side, as we refer to Trump by his rightful title: the Minority President-Elect, a.k.a the losing candidate.

I do wish this was a drill!

Don’t let up.

Your friend,

Joan Baez