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Michael Moore

You Better Believe Trump Is Afraid of the Electoral College Vote on Monday

Yesterday was the day Donald Trump was going to hold his first press conference in 5 months. He abruptly cancelled it on Monday with no explanation. Well, I have one…

He has heard that there is a rumbling taking place amongst the Republican electors that some of them are growing uncomfortable with the news that the election was hacked by Russia to benefit him. This news was followed by the revelation that Putin himself directed the hack. And then last night, CBS News reported that the Russians had in the past committed a successful cyber-attack on the email system of the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If you are a Republican Elector, this news is very sobering. And for some, very disturbing.

Electors of the Electoral College know that their job is to usually rubber stamp the election – with one exception: If they need to cast their vote to protect the country from someone who is a danger to our nation.

And slowly it has dawned on some of the electors this week that something doesn’t smell right. And now that we know that Putin himself was behind this historic assault on our electoral process — so that he could tilt the election to Trump — well, this is now for many Americans a bridge too far.

Trump knows this, so he’s gone into hiding from real journalists. He has one mission right now: Get to Monday without the shit hitting the fan. To show you how scared he is, after my (and others) week-long shaming him for not showing up to the daily national security briefing, his aides have responded by announcing that he’ll start attending the briefings “three” times a week. As for the other four days, I guess it’s, “Sorry America — you’re on your own!” But he knew he had to do something. This is the Trumpian way of “doing something.”

Well, WE need to do something. All of us, very loudly, need to let the Electoral College know that they MUST vote their conscience on Monday. Or postpone the vote until they have more information about Trump’s Manchurian Candidate-like behavior. Here is a site you can go to to find out what’s going on protest-wise where you live over the weekend and on Monday:

What would Trump and the Republicans be doing today if they were ahead by 3 million votes – but the Electoral College was set to give the Presidency to Clinton? Are you kidding? THEY WOULD NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.

We are the wimps. We sink into our despair. We feel defeated and that there’s nothing we can do. Everybody told us she was going to win! Nate Silver and 538 promised us it was in the bag! All the pundits agreed!!

Get over it and pull yourself together. “The tanks are 20 miles outside of Paris!” Throw everything you got at this and do not relent. You’re in the friggin’ majority! Let’s act like it. Make your voice heard on social media and in front of your state capitol. An authoritarian regime is about to take hold in DC, and they are going to run roughshod over you, me and all that is good. Get over your election depression and fight like you’ve never fought before. Non-violently. With conviction. There are more of us than there are of them. Only 23% of all registered adult American voters showed up and voted for Trump. Come on! It’s not over til it’s over.

Trump is worried about Monday. It only takes 38 of his 300+ electors to defect.

These rallies he’s holding every night this week and weekend?

They’re not because he wants to sell more hats.