Link: Dan Rather

Dan Rather

This article in The Atlantic by Ta-Nehisi Coates is getting a lot of attention – deservedly so. It is a profile of our mercurial president from the point of view of race. What emerges is a complex figure, deeply thoughtful about his own background and place in history. It is long, but worth the read.

The outcome of the recent presidential election, the specter of Russian interference, the ongoing slaughter in Syria, place Obama’s final days in the shadow of uncertainty. How will history judge this man, who was not only on the surface, but at his depth and core, unlike any other who has occupied the highest office in the land? Coates in his article indeed makes the case convincingly hat the cross-currents of culture, race, and geography that shaped Obama’s life may be almost categorically unique.

Obama leaves office still a young man. The nation he led is lurching into deep uncertainty. What role do you think he will play in the years and even decades to come?