Link: Robert Reich

Robert Reich

Electors are meeting today in state capitols to make a final decision on the next President of the United States. Despite Hillary Clinton’s unprecedented lead of nearly 3 million in the popular vote, Trump won the state-by-state electoral map – meaning that the majority (more than 270) electors are formally pledged to vote for him today.

But they don’t have to, and should reject Trump because he’s (1) a divisive demagogue, (2) helped into office by a foreign power, and (3) grossly unqualified to assume the duties of the presidency – all grounds for electors to vote against him, according to writings by the framers of the Constitution.

In an interview yesterday, Texas Republican elector Chris Suprun said he has received death threats since writing in the New York Times that he would not vote for Trump because he is unqualified to be president. Suprun also said several other electors have contacted him wondering what their options are, but he wasn’t sure how many would join him in voting against Trump.

The Electoral College should be abolished. But as long as we still have it, electors have a constitutional duty to vote against Trump today.

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