Link: Robert Reich

Robert Reich

Trump voters believe the hokum Trump and his top aides have spread. According to Dec.17 to 20 Economist/YouGov poll:

— 52 percent of Trump voters still think President Obama was born in Kenya (a claim popularized by Trump ever since Obama was elected, which Trump only recently disavowed).

— 62 percent of Trump voters believe millions of illegal votes were cast in the recent election (another baseless myth Trump has continued to perpetuate).

— 87 percent of Trump voters disagree with the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia hacked Democratic emails in order to help elect Trump (Trump says he disagrees with the intelligence community).

— 46 percent of Trump voters believe Hillary Clinton helped run a child sex slave ring out of a D.C. pizza joint (an absurd claim helped spread during the campaign by Trump’s incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn).

— 31 percent of both Trump voters believe vaccines cause autism, despite the medical community’s reviews finding no connection, and outbreaks resulting from refusals to vaccinate children (Trump asserted in 2014 that vaccines cause autism).

So what happens to the distinction between fact and dangerous fiction when Trump and his top aides have the national megaphone?

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