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Michael Moore

In two hours, my friends, the shitshow begins. The Republican majority will call to order the final session of the 114th United States Congress at 11am ET. Fifty-five minutes later, at 11:55am, they will bring to a close that 114th Congress. There will be a 5-minute recess before the House and the Senate then calls the new 115th Congress to order at Noon ET.

And that’s when the attempted demolition of what we hold dear in our democracy begins.

It will happen so fast, your head may spin. They can’t get actual laws enacted until they have a President who can sign them. That’s 17 days away. But what they CAN do is shake up the Congressional committees and change the Congressional rules. The can eliminate Congressional governmental watchdogs and redirect Congressional spending. They can do all that and more, and they won’t waste a minute doing it. Unlike our side, which operates with a Kumbaya/”Can’t-we-all-get-along”/wimp-induced mentality, the Republicans are already sitting on their Panzer tanks ready to steamroll themselves through the floors of the Senate and House which they both control.

In fact, last night, they decided not to wait for this morning’s bang of the gavel and went ahead and gassed up those tanks. They got together privately and voted to gut the Congressional Office of Ethics, an independent group that oversees and guards against corrupt behavior by members of Congress.

But we’re in a different behavioral era now, where corruption and ethics can be damned. We’re in the Pussy Grabbing Era, and so it makes sense that the first thing the Republicans would destroy would be the very body that is meant to guard us from… Republicans who are led by a Grabber-in-Chief. A man who doesn’t even acknowledge the very idea of ethics, or conflicts of interest, or foreign meddling in our elections, or the need for the public to see his basic tax returns.

So here we go. Less than two hours until the shit hits the fan. Are you awake? Are you ready to fight? Can you skip your latte or your donut or your checking in on how Mariah Carey is handling her New Year’s Eve debacle and take just two minutes to call your member of Congress — NOW? Let’s flood their switchboard to express our outrage at the elimination of the independent ethics office. Don’t let the clock strike 12 noon Eastern Time without making your voice heard! If you don’t do it now, on Day One, when will you do it?

Please call the U.S. House of Representatives at 202-225-3121 and ask to speak to your member of Congress. If you don’t know who that is (and this will be the last time you don’t, thank you), just give the person who answers that number your zip code and he/she will connect you.

Congress must understand TODAY that they are going to have a force of tens of millions — the MAJORITY — to reckon with.

That onslaught of citizen revolt starts as soon as you see the period at the end of this sentence.

– Michael Moore