Link: Robert Reich

Robert Reich

“Grow up, Donald. Grow up. Time to be an adult,” Vice President Joe Biden said Friday, in response to Trump’s calling Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “the head clown” and blasting President Obama for “inflammatory statements and roadblocks.”

People, we’re only 12 days from Donald Trump being sworn is as president of the United States. He won’t grow up. He’s not an adult. And that’s the most terrifying thing of all. We are dealing with someone with a serious personality disorder. Trump exhibits all the characteristics of a sociopath: compulsive lying, lack of shame or remorse, pathological egocentricity and narcissism, desperate need for attention, lack of empathy, short attention span, impulsiveness, and vindictiveness.

Congressional Republicans have a huge responsibility. The GOP is in control of both houses of Congress. We must hope they realize what they have wrought, impeach him as soon as possible, and pray that in the meantime this man-child doesn’t blow the world up.

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