Link: Shut Up About Connecting With Trump’s Middle America

Shut Up About Connecting With Trump’s Middle America

“Middle America does not have a monopoly on tough times. There are a lot of people living in cities and elsewhere who have it just as rough, if not worse. And guess what? No one seems to give a shit. In fact, the GOP just orchestrated a whole campaign to disenfranchise a lot these voters, so you’ll pardon me if I save my empathy for the people who are actually screwed now, instead of the voters who did the screwing. I’d rather not waste my time trying to psychoanalyze why so many people were captivated by a political message rooted in pure hate. There’s no time for that. I’m going to fight instead. I’d rather be part of an aggressive movement to overturn shitty voting laws, impeach Trump, abolish the electoral college, put Mitch McConnell behind bars, thin out the wingnut portion of the Federal judiciary, and lessen the influence of voters who have a disproportionate amount of it. Because I can reach out and offer all the compassion in the world to Trump voters. But a great many of them just proved that they don’t give a shit about the rest of us either way.”

Drew Magary has some fiery feelings about the media’s newest obsession: siding with the people who chose hate.