Link: Robert Reich

Robert Reich

The Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders contest continues to divide the Democratic Party — in gubernatorial primaries, in the race for Democratic National Committee chairman, and in state party leadership contests from Hawaii to Maine. It’s hobbling Democrats’ ability to unite.

Can we get a grip? Democrats have to recognize 5 things:

1. The Democratic Party is on life support. It has lost Congress, the presidency, and most state governments.

2. The Party’s Washington establishment – big funders, major lobbyists, retired members of congress who have become bundlers and lobbyists – are one big reason for the Party’s demise.

3. The life of the Party – its enthusiasm, passion, youth, principles, and ideals – came to the fore in Bernie Sanders’s campaign. Stop trying to deny that.

4. The Democratic Party must change from being a giant fundraising machine to a movement uniting the poor, working class, and middle class — who haven’t had a raise in 30 years, and who feel angry and powerless — to take back our economy and democracy from the oligarchs who now run both.

5. Squabbling over any of this is nuts. Democrats have to be tough, have backbone, and fight like hell against Trump and the regressive forces that are about to destroy everything Democrats have built since the New Deal.

What do you think?