Link: Robyn Hitchcock

Robyn Hitchcock

The Soft Boys recorded I Wanna Destroy You in early 1980, while the Russians were invading Afghanistan. Thatcher was in power, Reagan was in the wings, and darkness was all around. The momentum of the 1960s had stalled and seemed to be reversing. I felt the pendulum smashing back into us and wrote the song; human destructiveness really had no limits. And we in the band were all committed pacifists and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament supporters.

37 years later, all our struggles to evolve, to be human in the best possible way, are again imperiled by leaders who appeal to the worst in people and come to power with the diabolical bloodlust, greed and nationalism that fuels barbarism in modern clothing.

Sadly the old message from the Soft Boys is as relevant as ever. But who thought human nature was going to change?

Thanks to Pat Collier for getting such a great sound for us. And thanks to Jeremy Dylan for making us a video, at long last.

I will be engaging in peaceful protest today by marching at Women’s March Nashville.