Link: Dan Rather

Dan Rather

As a calendar shifts from January to February, the thermometer in most of the country shows the frigid digits of winter. But there’s a chill in the air independent from the dead of winter.

We are 12 days into the Presidency of Donald Trump, and we have had to endure more disruptions and tumult in our government than has been seen in a long time. Mr. Trump and his team clearly have a strategy to strike hard, strike fast and strike often. For some this is no doubt exhilarating as they view him as delivering on campaign promises. For others–the polls suggest the majority of the country–it is disturbing, even scary.

Those who are signing up, amidst a flurry of dissent, for what is euphemistically being called “The Resistance” have a long, hard row to hoe. Turning a flurry into a groundswell is difficult. But that said, there is something emerging in this frosty air…which we can see with each inhale and exhale, a visual reminder in the breath one takes that there is life in this cold.

Democrats are boycotting hearings. More than a thousand State Department officials have petitioned against the immigration ban (the one based partly on religion.) A Trump-friendly CEO suffered a damaging boycott. And then there is what is surging on social media, and in the streets. There is a growing social awareness coupled with political dissent. I’m partial to a term young people use–these protestors are “woke.” Mr Trump’s firing of acting Attorney General Susan Yates for defying his immigration ban added fuel to the bubbling fervor.

From the protest signs… to the memes, this movement is more than passionate; it is ebullient. I’m curious to see if we will witness a counter movement from Americans who support Trump.

At least some of the Trump chaos will continue. HIs reputation as a kind of “Captain Chaos” seems destined to grow. With it, the drum beat of resistance feels steady, maybe even getting louder. And the wind whispers “this is the winter of America’s discontent.”