Link: Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Throughout my life I have watched Senators speak vile, hateful words about women, Black people, Vietnamese, Mexicans, young people, Arabs, environmentalists, peaceniks, gays and others — but NEVER have I seen them vote to shut a single one of them up. Until last night, when Senator Elizabeth Warren attempted to read a letter from the late Coretta Scott King addressed to the United States Senate. That’s when Warren was ruled to shut up and sit down. And when she appealed, the Republicans voted to silence her under “Rule 19.” This morning you need to once again flood the Senate switchboard with angry, righteous calls demanding that the Senate take the virtual gag off her and let her speak. If we let them get away with this… you know what’s coming. They are attempting to create an authoritarian, totalitarian state. If you’ve been hiding in your bubble, it’s best to come out now. US Senate: 202-225-3121 or 202-224-3121. Keep dialing like your democracy depends on it. Let them know we are a large, massive, outraged nonviolent mob representing the majority of our country and we will not be Rule 19’d. We will Rule 19 them out of office! They need to know that the Women’s March on Washington NEVER ends. Be sure to tell your Senator he/she better vote down Jefferson Sessions for Attorney General, too.