Link: Dan Rather

Dan Rather


Another day, another attack by the President of the United States against reputable news organizations. Today’s venue, a fiery speech at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference). Calling something “fake news”, Mr. President, doesn’t make it so, no matter how loud the applause is amongst your acolytes. You seems to believe that the American public can’t see that you are protesting the truth getting out, while not really denying the specifics of the reporting in any convincing way.

Attacking the messenger while not being able to counter the firehose of leaks that suggest very worrisome developments, will not cause the press to blink. Quite the contrary. Reporters are instinctual, and the louder and more vehement your protests, the more we will be inclined to dig.

As for how this is playing across the country, I get the sense that an increasing number of Americans are getting tired of the tirades and immune to the distractions. Onward.