Link: Patton Oswalt Explains How Pop Culture Gets Grieving All Wrong

Patton Oswalt Explains How Pop Culture Gets Grieving All Wrong

“When you lose someone you tend to eat Wheat Thins for breakfast and rewatch The Princess Bride about 80 times and not sleep all that well,” Oswalt says. “So I don’t know when the push-ups are going to show up in my grieving process.”

Less than a year after McNamara’s death, Oswalt won a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album and his first Emmy award for his Netflix standup special Talking for Clapping. In his acceptance speech, he said he wanted to share his award with two people: “One of them, my daughter, Alice, is waiting at home. The other one is waiting somewhere else — I hope.”

Nevermind the superhero stories; after his wife died, Oswalt wasn’t motivated to channel his loss into fitness or crime fighting. He says so far push-ups have not been a part of his grieving process.