Link: Robert Reich

Robert Reich

I want to share with you this inspiring piece by Rebecca Solnit, who, like many of us, has been moved by the strength, breadth, depth and generosity of the resistance to the Trump administration and its agenda.

She’s also, like many of us, concerned about whether the resistance will endure over the longer haul. As she says, newcomers often think that results are either immediate or they’re nonexistent, and can become discouraged when change is slow and difficult. But even if Trump resigns or is impeached, our real work will only have begun: Making deep systemic changes toward equality, democracy, and inclusion.

To sustain ourselves, we must remember that failing at an immediate objective – to block a nominee or a pipeline or to pass a bill – often alters the whole framework in ways that make broader change inevitable: changing the story or the rules, giving tools or encouragement to future activists, inspiring wider engagement.

I urge you to read this, for sustenance.