Link: Peter Capaldi Prepares for His Final Season of ‘Doctor Who’

Peter Capaldi Prepares for His Final Season of ‘Doctor Who’

Your country and mine have seen a lot of upheaval in recent months. What do you think “Doctor Who” offers viewers at a time like this?

It offers hope for the power of kindness and intelligence and care. The Doctor is someone who sees the big picture, and has seen how the human race is — he loves the human race, because he sees its cruelty, but also astonishing kindness and heroism. The Doctor is a beacon of goodness, and that’s why he can survive all these different permutations — an abrasive character or an avuncular character or a strange character. Because at heart, he is, in essence, a good creature. I think we need heroes like that.

Mr. Capaldi talks about his decision to leave the long-running BBC science-fiction series and what he’s learned from playing its dimension-hopping hero.