Link: Why ‘Our Town’ Springs Eternal, but Especially Now

Why ‘Our Town’ Springs Eternal, but Especially Now

“In some ways, Our Town may seem a peculiar choice for high schools, since its greatest insights are about the brevity of our time on earth, our losses, and our mortality. No doubt George and Emily’s romance is particular affecting in such productions, but unless the young actors have already lost loved ones, can they fully appreciate and enact the agonizing third act? Lives seem so endless in our youth. Our Town might be uniquely well suited to be played by a cast of seniors, who can look back on their own lives as they contemplate their not-so-distant, everlasting futures in the cemetery on the hill, even as they can recall their own youths in inevitably simpler times, and their own loves.”

Thornton Wilder’s 80-year-old play offers something more than comforting nostalgia in a troubled American moment.