Hanging Up on a Calling

Hanging Up on a Calling

An adjunct finds she doesn’t enjoy teaching as much as she thought she did when she had a more-stable gig.


What’s the Point of Academic Publishing?

What’s the Point of Academic Publishing?

“Publishing and labor are two of academia’s most contentious issues, and they are usually debated separately. But when the rate of contingency hires and publications rise together—with the assumption that the latter is a means to avoid the former—they need to be taken as a broader problem: the self-defeating mechanization of scholarship. Scholars are encouraged to sacrifice integrity and ingenuity to careerism that does not reward them with a career.”

It’s no guarantee of anything, except possibly the paywalled obsolescence of your work.

The Tyranny of the College Major

The Tyranny of the College Major

“Expanding General Education will not be easy. As a philosophy professor at Humboldt State University, I have had administrators earnestly tell me we need to get the almost half a million California State University students through college more quickly because they are using up taxpayers’ resources. In fact, educated people generate more taxpayer resources. All studies over the past few decades, supported by census figures on incomes of college graduates, document the increased prosperity to graduates and to the surrounding culture from higher education. These administrators seem to think that result is due to possession of a piece of paper. When I ask for evidence it is the degree and not the years of study that produces the benefits of education, I get no answer because there is no answer.”

Colleges should require students to take more courses outside of their discipline.