Find Your Duck




I’m not used to endings
which is to say
I’m not used to beginning
things at least

I had no say
in the matter
I just arrived
in a manner of speaking

the same way
that things just come
and then they go away
for a time

you can tell
by the way when things
appear already
they are waving.

They Used To Call Them Records

Even as I wish
there were more time
like there used to be
to sit with a record album
and read the lyrics
while the music was playing
I still hold out hope
that I will get around
to bringing down
the records from the attic
and finding a spare shelf
to place them carefully upon
and removing them
from their threadbare sleeves
and lifting the needle
to place upon the circle
a few times because
I never got the hang of
queuing the record up
just at the start
where there’s nothing
but static and potential
and time to put the lyrics
in both of your hands
before they reach
your eyes and ears
and last as long as the silence
at the beginning and the end
and everywhere surrounding them.