Loose Thoughts on Youth and Age, Music and the News

Loose Thoughts on Youth and Age, Music and the News : The New Yorker

George Packer on youth culture and getting older:

There are reasons why older is not necessarily wiser. You’re never more open to new experience than when you’re twenty. After that, the need to make money, the fear of having no work, the demands of children, the sense that the world is moving in strange new directions, the appearance of unfamiliar forms of expression that inevitably seem less wonderful than the ones that changed your life when you were twenty cause the aperture to slowly narrow.

I keep thinking about the corresponding rise of mass media and youth culture at mid-20th century and how that affects collective cultural memory. Something I noticed from the 12/12/12 concert: the dinosaur acts presuming everyone knew their songs from 40 or even 50 years ago. Surely that couldn’t have happened in popular culture at any time before now. Will it happen 40 or 50 years from now?