John Hodgman: “‘Downton Abbey’ with Cats”

John Hodgman: “‘Downton Abbey’ with Cats”

The best review of “Downton Abbey” you will ever read.

So my cats and I were watching “Downton Abbey” last year. (I have two cats, one girl cat, who is twelve, and a boy cat, who is seven.) And at one point my younger cat turned to me and said, “What is that human woman trying to say to that other man?” And I said, “That is Mary Crawley. She is trying t…


Bob Dylan Lays Off 2,000 Workers From Songwriting Factory

Bob Dylan Lays Off 2,000 Workers From Songwriting Factory | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source

At its peak in the 1970s, Watchtower reportedly employed over 25,000 laborers, including meter fitters, metaphor galvanizers, riff smelters, rhyme press operators, and highly skilled technicians in the company’s political symbolism injection facility. Throughout the decade, Dylan’s factory floors are said to have bustled around the clock in a constant din of whirring, hammering, and harmonica licks, as workers churned out scores of precision-engineered folk, blues, and rock tracks at the prolific pace of two LPs a year.

Although these workers once fabricated such profitable Bob Dylan products as Highway 61 Revisited and Blood on the Tracks, deepening losses in recent years reportedly forced Dylan, as Watchtower’s CEO and chairman, to make what analysts are calling the most drastic changes to the company’s production model since it shuttered its underperforming Christian and gospel foundry in the mid-1980s.

Well, they say he did put an end to the Brill Building and Tin Pan Alley.